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Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation: 2012 Update

Water Supply and Sanitation en Agua / Actualidad

Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation: 2012 Update

Summary The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, known as the JMP, reports every two years on access to drinking water and sanitation worldwide and on progress towards related targets under Millennium Development Goal 7. This 2012...


Water Supply and Sanitation en Agua / Especiales

The Global Sanitation Fund crossed a major treshold that of reaching the first million people. Almost 1.4 millon people are now with imporved toilets thanks to national programmes financed by the Global Sanitation Fund that promote behaviour change, hand washing and in-country coordination.

Water Risk on the Rise

Project Syndicate en Agua / Actualidad

Water Risk on the Rise

WASHINGTON, DC – Water is never far from the news these days. This summer, northern India experienced one of its heaviest monsoon seasons in 80 years, leaving more than 800 people dead and forcing another 100,000 from their homes. Meanwhile,...

New Perspectives Paper on Urban Groundwater

Global Water Partnership en Agua / Actualidad

New Perspectives Paper on Urban GroundwaterHow to improve the management of invisible resource? Bring your ideas!

Groundwater is a critical, but unappreciated, resource for urban water supply. Prof Dr. Stephen Foster (GWP Senior Advisor) and Prof Dr. Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy (GWP Technical Committee Member) are the co-authors of the latest GWP perspectives paper entitled 'Urban Groundwater – Policies and Institutions for Integrated Management'.

21 August 2013, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. “Fostering international cooperation through joint water management will guarantee not only water security, but it will more importantly guarantee social, economic, environmental and political security,” President of the World Water Council, Benedito Braga, said during his statement at the opening plenary of the High-Level International Conference on Water Cooperation on  Tuesday.

The Battle for Water

Project Syndicate en Agua / Actualidad

The Battle for WaterNEW YORK – The sharpening international geopolitical competition over natural resources has turned some strategic resources into engines of power struggle. Transnational water resources have become an especially active source of competition and conflict, triggering a dam-building race and prompting growing calls for the United Nations to recognize water as a key security concern.

A look back at the previous year of IWMI’s activities, achievements and accolades....

Spilled Water: Institutional Commitment in the Provision of Water ServicesLatin America loses about nine trillion cubic meters of water each year, or some 30 percent of the water collected and treated for public consumption. While it is impossible for water systems to deliver 100 percent of their water to the household tap, Latin America could cut those losses by more than three-quarters by applying international standards to the management and operation of water systems.


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