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Martes, 07 Febrero 2017 09:31

Making Global Trade More Gender-Inclusive

Making Global Trade More Gender-Inclusiveli (margin-bottom:20px;)@media only screen ( .fnlink, .footnotes ( display:none; )) The benefits of global trade are numerous and well-documented, but trade channels can still be made more inclusive for women entrepreneurs and wage workers. Incorporating pre-ratification conditions into the trade...
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Fiscal Policy, Income Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Low and Middle Income Countries - Working Paper 448Current policy discussion focuses primarily on the power of fiscal policy to reduce inequality. Yet, comparable fiscal incidence analysis for 28 low and middle income countries reveals that, although fiscal systems are always equalizing, that is not always true for...
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Scott Ozanus, guest blogger, is the Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at KPMG. He is also a member of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood

Early childhood as the foundation for tomorrow’s workforceEarly childhood is key to a productive current workforce as...
Miércoles, 11 Enero 2017 00:00

Fostering inclusive growth in Malaysia

Malaysia has followed a comparatively equitable development path, largely eliminating absolute poverty and greatly reduced ethnic inequality....

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Miércoles, 28 Diciembre 2016 16:00

Journalists, economists and making the news

Journalists, economists and making the newsWenceslaus Mushi (center) during a television program.

When Wenceslaus Mushi watches the evening news on the television at his home in Dar es Salaam, he often finds himself shouting out tips to the reporters.  “They aren’t asking the right questions,” says...

The power of art: A call to action on the Early YearsView a slideshow of photos by Lieve Blancquaert here

Ed’s note: This guest blog is by Dirk Wouters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the United States of America in Washington DC
A Kenyan mother seated in the...

Lunes, 12 Diciembre 2016 18:26

Five innovative education trends from Korea

Five innovative education trends from KoreaStudents in Korea (Photo: World Bank)

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality. It also lays the basis for sustained growth.  Better schooling investments raise national income growth rates.  In nearly all countries, though...

Viernes, 18 Noviembre 2016 00:00

Why Africa should prioritise green growth

´The evidence suggests that in many African countries, there needn't be a trade-off between economic transformation, poverty reduction and action on climate change.´...

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Martes, 01 Noviembre 2016 00:00

Delivering energy for all by 2030

This event explores what challenges and opportunities there are for delivering the clean energy needed to eradicate poverty by 2030....

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This paper argues that expanding or relying on coal power will not help in the fight to end extreme poverty ....

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Jueves, 13 Octubre 2016 00:00

Why disasters last longer than you think

Disasters are repeatedly knocking people back into poverty – but this need not be the case....

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Martes, 20 Septiembre 2016 00:00

About the Risk and Resilience programme

We deliver high quality research, analysis and policy advice on the distribution of risk, the impacts of climate, weather extremes and other hazards on poverty and development, and the political economy of managing risk and building resilience.
Our ways of...

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In rural Bangladesh,a high proportion of households fail to escape poverty in a sustainable way. This report focuses on transitory poverty escapes and re-impoverishment....

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Since the 1990s, poverty has significantly reduced in Uganda. However, the number of ´insecure non-poor´ households has risen and the risk of re-impoverishment is high....

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Jueves, 14 Julio 2016 00:00

Venezuela's hard landing

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 15 Jul 2016 Venezuela was once the democratic exception. In a continent dominated by military dictatorships, the two-party system installed after the fall of Gen. Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958...

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