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MEXICO CITY (CIMMYT) — Maize is a major food crop in sub-Saharan, yet yields remain low under smallholder farmer conditions compared to other regions due to drought, low soil quality and other stresses. In Angola and Zimbabwe more than 70...

This working paper maps existing national social protection and humanitarian assistance programmes run by the Jordanian Government, donors and INGOs/NGOs....

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The power of art: A call to action on the Early YearsView a slideshow of photos by Lieve Blancquaert here

Ed’s note: This guest blog is by Dirk Wouters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the United States of America in Washington DC
A Kenyan mother seated in the...

In Myanmar, injustices often go unreported. But donors and NGOs aiming to tackle this issue shouldn´t assume that their understanding of ´justice´ is universally shared....

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Five years ago, governments, civil society, the private sector and donors got engaged in Busan, where they committed to a new Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC). Yesterday was the wedding day – the closing of the second High...

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In an unexpected early move last week, the UN Security Council unanimously chose António Guterres, former Prime Minster of Portugal and head of the UN Refugee Agency, to succeed Ban Ki-moon as the next UN Secretary-General (UNSG).
This appointment follows...

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Martes, 20 Septiembre 2016 00:00

About the Risk and Resilience programme

We deliver high quality research, analysis and policy advice on the distribution of risk, the impacts of climate, weather extremes and other hazards on poverty and development, and the political economy of managing risk and building resilience.
Our ways of...

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In this report, we analyse humanitarian and development approaches in a specific sector, in a particular country: WASH interventions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)....

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The week in corruption: 7 stories making the news

The march of democracy slows
The Economist
'Threats to democratic rule in Africa are growing, but time and demography are against the autocrats.'
Exclusive: Some shell companies sidestep new UK transparency rules
'Some UK shell companies under offshore control...

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Brazil and the Olympics: three steps to re-energise the fight against corruption

This week marks the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But even if Rio, a city known for its beauty and party spirit, puts on a good show, it won’t mask the crises facing Brazil and...

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Miércoles, 20 Julio 2016 00:00

Dura aterragem na Venezuela

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 20 Jul 2016 A Venezuela está à beira do precipício. A ação concertada ainda pode evitar a sua queda. Mas quanto mais se atrase, mais venezuelanos morrerão por falta de...

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Jueves, 14 Julio 2016 00:00

Venezuela's hard landing

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 15 Jul 2016 Venezuela was once the democratic exception. In a continent dominated by military dictatorships, the two-party system installed after the fall of Gen. Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958...

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Jueves, 14 Julio 2016 00:00

Duro aterrizaje en Venezuela

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 15 Jul 2016 Venezuela fue, una vez, la excepción democrática latinoamericana. En un continente dominado por dictaduras militares, el sistema bipartidista que se instaló después de la caída del general...

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Yanmei Xie, ChinaFile | 8 Jul 2016 A ruling from The Hague next week on maritime disputes in the South China Sea is likely to exacerbate frictions between China and the U.S. Both would be better...

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Asia Report N°281 6 Jul 2016
The southern Philippines is potentially closer to peace than at any time in the four decades since Muslim insurgents started fighting for independence, but the substantial progress over...

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