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Está aquí: Colombia
Latin America in a New Global Political and Economic Scenario: What Does It Mean for the Region?CGD senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez chairs the Latin American Committee on Financial Issues (Spanish acronym CLAAF), a group of respected experts on Latin American economics, including former senior policymakers, economists and scholars. They gather twice a year to pool their...
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Viernes, 09 Diciembre 2016 20:17

The latest PISA results: Seven key takeaways

The latest PISA results: Seven key takeawaysInternational assessments aren’t perfect but they offer useful insights into how countries can help all students learn to high levels. (Photo: Dominic Chavez / World Bank)

Results for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) 2015 Program for International...

La inversión pública en Colombia ha aumentado sustancialmente en los últimos años hasta alcanzar casi el 4% del PIB, una cifra superior a la media OCDE de 3.2%. Sin embargo, según indica un nuevo informe de la OCDE, para hacer...

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Miércoles, 20 Julio 2016 00:00

Dura aterragem na Venezuela

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 20 Jul 2016 A Venezuela está à beira do precipício. A ação concertada ainda pode evitar a sua queda. Mas quanto mais se atrase, mais venezuelanos morrerão por falta de...

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Jueves, 14 Julio 2016 00:00

Venezuela's hard landing

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 15 Jul 2016 Venezuela was once the democratic exception. In a continent dominated by military dictatorships, the two-party system installed after the fall of Gen. Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958...

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Jueves, 14 Julio 2016 00:00

Duro aterrizaje en Venezuela

Phil Gunson , Open Democracy | 15 Jul 2016 Venezuela fue, una vez, la excepción democrática latinoamericana. En un continente dominado por dictaduras militares, el sistema bipartidista que se instaló después de la caída del general...

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Domingo, 10 Julio 2016 00:00

¿Por qué no arranca la paz con el ELN?

Kyle Johnson, Razón Pública | 11 Jul 2016 El gobierno insiste en que no habrá negociación mientras prosigan los secuestros y la guerrilla insiste en que esa condición desconoce la agenda. ¿Cuál es entonces el futuro...

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Viernes, 01 Julio 2016 00:00

CrisisWatch | Tracking Conflict Worldwide

Brussels | 1 Jul 2016 Global Overview – Trends and Outlook
While an upsurge of crises continued to test the international order, amid growing mass displacement and the spread of transnational terrorism, the UK´s divisive vote on...

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| (01 Jul 2016)
Conflict Risk Alerts
South Sudan
Conflict Resolution Opportunities
Deteriorated Situations
Central African Republic
South Sudan
Improved Situations
Global Overview – Trends and Outlook
While an upsurge of crises continued to test...

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Bogotá/Brussels | 23 Jun 2016 The signing in Havana today of agreements on the 'end of the conflict' and the referendum mechanism for the Colombian population to approve the final peace deal provides the strongest...

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Kyle Johnson, Semana | 23 May 2016 Caían casi las 6 de la tarde cuando llegamos a la casa de una importante lideresa local en un lugar remoto del departamento de Guaviare. Nos sentamos a hablar...

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Brazil: Extending school days may hurt studentsPhoto: Stephan Bachenheimer/ World Bank

María is a single mother with two young children who spend about five hours a day in school. Since she has a full time job, it’s a challenge for her to care for them and ...

Can Access to Contraception Deliver for Women's Economic Empowerment? What We Know – and What We Must LearnBy adopting the Sustainable Development Goals, the world signaled its commitment to 'achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls' by 2030. Among its targets, SDG 5 specifically calls to 'ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and...
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Martes, 10 Mayo 2016 00:00

It's Time to Invest in Peace

Brussels | 10 May 2016
REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As I write this message, Crisis Group experts are working to address urgent challenges ranging from escalating hostilities in Syria to the complex peace process in...

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Online education’s potential in Latin America starting to be tappedLaw student at Catholic University of Peru, Jean Franco Gutierrez Quevedo studies at the library in Lima, Peru on June 27, 2013. Photo © World Bank/Dominic Chavez

Four years ago, while sitting on a plane heading for a business development...

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