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Está aquí: climate change
Climate change
Source: Zee News - Climate change and overfishing have left already endangered young penguins in Africa confused about where to find food, and they are dying in high numbers as a result, researchers said Thursday.
Source: The Monitor - On February 22, delegates from the Nile sharing countries will be convening in Tanzania to mark the Nile Day which is preceded by various activities to celebrate the river’s wonders.
Source: Khaleej Times - World is actually wasting one-third of the food we produce, the equivalent of 2.6 trillion dollars
Martes, 07 Febrero 2017 09:31

Making Global Trade More Gender-Inclusive

Making Global Trade More Gender-Inclusiveli (margin-bottom:20px;)@media only screen ( .fnlink, .footnotes ( display:none; )) The benefits of global trade are numerous and well-documented, but trade channels can still be made more inclusive for women entrepreneurs and wage workers. Incorporating pre-ratification conditions into the trade...
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Martes, 07 Febrero 2017 00:00

Action on climate change

The OECD has a long experience of exchanging knowledge and good practices through effective, policy-orientated and collaborative initiatives. The OECD is helping countries with policy analysis and guidance to implement NDCs and prepare their action plans on climate change mitigation...

The new European Consensus on Development needs to be more strategic, and should prioritise action on fragile states and global public goods, including climate change....

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An internationally coordinated approach is key to breed and deploy crops resilient to climate change effects....

The World Water Council has been officially granted observer status to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) during the 22nd Conference of Parties (CoP). This new status will enable the Council to engage more substantially with the

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This briefing looks at the anticipated impacts of climate-induced migration on efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on climate change – SDG13....

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Delegates to this year’s UN climate talks (COP22) seemed unprepared for two momentous events – the early entry into force of the ambitious Paris climate agreement and the election of Donald Trump to the United States presidency.
Steady progress on...

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Viernes, 18 Noviembre 2016 00:00

Why Africa should prioritise green growth

´The evidence suggests that in many African countries, there needn't be a trade-off between economic transformation, poverty reduction and action on climate change.´...

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Money going to developing countries to combat climate change is increasing, but more needs to be done to meet the targets that have been set....

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Miércoles, 09 Noviembre 2016 00:00

Climate finance fundamentals 2016

This publication series provides an update on global climate change financing for 2016....

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This briefing explores how climate finance can help to mitigate the effects of climate change....

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This briefing looks at the principles and criteria applicable to climate change funding....

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This briefing examines what role climate finance can play in efforts to mitigate climate change and to assist developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change....

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Está aquí: climate change