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Está aquí: Bienes públicos Paz y seguridad Destacados
Bienes públicos: Paz y seguridad // Destacados

(Berlin) – La política del gobierno sirio de ejecutar su ofensiva bélica cobrando la vida de civiles y los progresivos abusos cometidos por grupos rebeldes causaron horror durante 2013, pero no movilizaron a los líderes mundiales a ejercer presión para que cesen las atrocidades y se juzgue a los responsables, señaló hoy Human Rights Watch al presentar su Informe Mundial 2014. La respuesta internacional inicial fue más efectiva en el caso de varios países africanos que se enfrentaron a atrocidades en masa.

Translation of an opinion piece first publish in Le Nouvel Observateur (in French) on 12 December 2013.

[Artículo en la fuente original]

Information technologies and infrastructure from satellites orbiting the earth to the smart phones in our hands, from undersea cables to wireless networks all around us, and from the global banking system to household appliances play an increasingly indispensable role in daily life. At the same time, threats to cyber security are becoming both more numerous and more serious.
President Obama provided a...

In many places around the world, Human Rights Watch exposes abuses of state power and the absence of effective accountability over the agencies of the state – both factors highly relevant to the issue we are discussing here tonight.

Editor's Note: Khalid Koser recently returned from a field visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, assessing the potential displacement implications of the withdrawal of the majority of International Security Assistance Force troops from Afghanistan at the end of 2014. This is the first in a three part series on the changes to humanitarian needs and responses that may be expected over the next year in Afghanistan.

(New York) – Witnesses in Eastern and Western Ghouta, outside Damascus, described symptoms and delivery methods consistent with the use of chemical nerve agents during attacks by government forces on August 21, 2013. The attacks killed several hundred people and...

Editors Note: Widespread violence in Egypt has crippled the country and solutions are now necessary to prevent long-term civil strife between the Muslim Brotherhood faction and supporters of the military-backed interim government. H.A. Hellyer writes that Egypt needs credible individuals...


In case anyone needed reminding, the recent global terror alert illustrates that, 15 years after its first attacks on America, Al Qaeda is thriving. The coup in Egypt and the chaotic aftermath of the Arab awakening is only going to add more militants to this army of radicals. Failed revolutions and failing states are like incubators for the jihadists, a sort of Pandora’s Box of hostility and alienation.


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