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Bienes públicos: Medio ambiente // Actualidad
Source: La Tribune - Alors que l’élection de Trump a ouvert une ère très défavorable à toute réglementation climatique, plusieurs figures républicaines proposent d’instaurer une taxe carbone.
Source: Le Monde de l'Énergie - Un rapport du ministère de l’Environnement, commandé par Ségolène Royal et publié vendredi, recommande une série de mesures pour « évaluer et limiter » l’impact de l’accord de libre-échange entre l’UE et le Canada sur la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.
Source: Zee News - Climate change and overfishing have left already endangered young penguins in Africa confused about where to find food, and they are dying in high numbers as a result, researchers said Thursday.
Source: Financial Times - The head of steel group ArcelorMittal has urged Brussels to look at increasing the cost of goods imported to Europe from countries without a carbon price to help protect EU companies from the bloc’s latest efforts to curb global warming.
Source: The Monitor - On February 22, delegates from the Nile sharing countries will be convening in Tanzania to mark the Nile Day which is preceded by various activities to celebrate the river’s wonders.
Source: Financial Times - Target date for last power plant hinges on fall in renewables costs
Source: The Independent - Human activity is changing Earth's climate 170 times faster than natural forces, according to scientists who claim they have devised an equation that shows people are behind global warming.


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