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Information technologies and infrastructure from satellites orbiting the earth to the smart phones in our hands, from undersea cables to wireless networks all around us, and from the global banking system to household appliances play an increasingly indispensable role in daily life. At the same time, threats to cyber security are becoming both more numerous and more serious.
President Obama provided a...

This paper presents in a systematic (normative) manner the salient features of a SWF's governance structure, in relation to its objectives and investment management that can ensure its efficient operation and enhance its financial performance. In this context, it distinguishes among the various governing bodies and analyzes key aspects of the investment policy and setting of the risk tolerance level in order to ensure consistent risk-bearing capacity and greater accountability. Further, it discusses the important role of SWFs in macroeconomic management and the need for close coordination with other macroeconomic and financial policies as well as their role in global financial stability. 

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Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation: 2012 Update

Summary The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, known as the JMP, reports every two years on access to drinking water and sanitation worldwide and on progress towards related targets under Millennium Development Goal 7. This 2012...

El crecimiento sube ya en la segunda mitad de 2013. Mantener la confianza de hogares, empresas y mercados depende de cómo se orienten las políticas económicas en EE.

Women’s low status and persistent gender gaps in health and education in South Asia contribute to chronic child malnutrition (Smith et al. 2003) and food insecurity (von Grebmer et al. 2009), even as other determinants of food security, such as...

Today the world is focusing on Sustainable Development Goals. These include Economic Development, Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, and Good Governance. The stories in this report demonstrate how CIP’s research aligns with, and will con......

Is China a Friend of Africa?

YAOUNDE – For many developing countries, foreign direct investment is viewed as something very positive. International companies can bring cash, skills, technology, and high ethical standards to a host country. But others do not always regard such investors favorably: many...

This paper introduces global factors within a FAVAR framework in an empirical affine term structure model. We apply our method to a panel of international yield curves and show that global factors account for more than 80 percent of term premia in advanced economies. In particular they tend to explain long-term dynamics in yield curves, as opposed to domestic factors which are instead more relevant to short-run movements. We uncover the key role for global curvature in shaping term premia dynamics. We show that this novel factor precedes global economic and financial instability. In particular, it coincides with immediate expectations of permanent expansionary monetary policy during the recent crisis. 





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