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Está aquí: África
Source: Zee News - Climate change and overfishing have left already endangered young penguins in Africa confused about where to find food, and they are dying in high numbers as a result, researchers said Thursday.
Source: The Monitor - On February 22, delegates from the Nile sharing countries will be convening in Tanzania to mark the Nile Day which is preceded by various activities to celebrate the river’s wonders.
In West Africa, fishing and trading in fish and fishery products has been practiced for centuries and makes a significant contribution to per capita GDP. This policy brief illustrates fish trade flows in West Africa, and includes estimates of volumes,...
The aim of this study was to investigate the variation of above-ground biomass with altitude in old-growth forests and...
Charlotte Kesl / World BankTechnology in education is often seen as a solution. It holds promise, but caution is warranted.
Photo: Charlotte Kesl / World Bank

There is no denying that governments around the world are expanding investments in education technology, from inputs that...

This report offers insights for policy makers seeking to deliver better growth and a better climate in African countries....

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Expanding Women's Role in Developing Technology: Increasing Productivity, Improving Livesli (margin-bottom:20px;)@media only screen ( .fnlink, .footnotes ( display:none; )) Just as the evidence suggests that a more gender-inclusive political system may lead to better policies for women and girls (Chattopadhyay and Duflo, 2004), and integrating women into corporate boards...
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Miércoles, 18 Enero 2017 09:31

The Dangers of Deal Making for Development

The Dangers of Deal Making for Developmentli (margin-bottom:20px;)@media only screen ( .fnlink, .footnotes ( display:none; )) Newt Gingrich, one of President-elect Trump’s key advisors, thinks US foreign assistance needs a 'dramatic' overhaul, dismissing a status quo that he characterizes as 'our bureaucracy giv[ing] another bureaucracy money.'...
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Also available in: Spanish

Scott Ozanus, guest blogger, is the Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at KPMG. He is also a member of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood

Early childhood as the foundation for tomorrow’s workforceEarly childhood is key to a productive current workforce as...

To date, little research has examined the impact of development finance institutions on jobs, growth, investment and climate resilience. This report seeks to address this gap....

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This report studies development finance for water resources in Middle East and North Africa, as access of different countries to finance and roles of different finance sources...

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Miércoles, 14 Diciembre 2016 00:00

How to avoid the ´middle-income trap´

Most middle-income countries aim to reach high-income status. However, few succeed. The rest, including South Africa and Argentina, fall into the ´middle-income trap´....

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Viernes, 09 Diciembre 2016 20:17

The latest PISA results: Seven key takeaways

The latest PISA results: Seven key takeawaysInternational assessments aren’t perfect but they offer useful insights into how countries can help all students learn to high levels. (Photo: Dominic Chavez / World Bank)

Results for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) 2015 Program for International...

Sustained US interest rate rises could affect access to finance for sub-Saharan African economies already vulnerable as a result of depreciating currencies and slowing growth....

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