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Providing decent, affordable housing is a growing challenge in developing and advanced economies alike. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow the affordable housing gap substantially, using mostly market-based approaches at the municipal level....

In my career as an educator, social scientist and university president , I have worked primarily as an organizational designer and architect. And in doing so, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to study how universities and other organizations are...

Educacin, Supranacionalidad y Ciudadana .
Desde la Sociedad Espaola de Educacin Comparada (SEEC) estn convocando al XIV Congreso Nacional de Educacin Comparada. 

For many emerging markets, 2014 has gotten off to a grim start, with concern over the Chinese economy's marked slowdown and the Argentine peso's steep slide against the US dollar triggering heavy selling pressure on an array of currencies. But...

I am still combing through the 1,000 page, $1 trillion farm bill to figure out what it means for US development and trade policy. Here’s my quick take:
Good, but not great, news on food aid reform

Emerging-market equities and exchange rates are again under severe downward pressure, but are the underlying economies really as fragile as global traders seem to fear? The short answer, for a few, is probably 'yes,' but, for most, 'not quite yet.' ...

06/02/2014 - International donors are not doing enough to help fragile states increase their domestic revenue, according to a new OECD report that shows only a tiny fraction of development aid goes into programmes to improve tax collection. 


Policy reforms aimed at boosting long-run growth often have side effects – positive or negative – on an economy's vulnerability to shocks and their propagation. Macroeconomic shocks as severe and protracted as those since 2007 warrant a reconsideration of the role growth-promoting policies play in shaping the vulnerability and resilience of an economy to macroeconomic shocks. 


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